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Flower Essences and Flower Remedies

At Healthlines we specialise in Flower Essences and Flower Remedies

We retail and distribute, make, prescribe and teach Essences.
We know about Essences and Essences are our passion

Healthlines - the Flower Essence People

Flower Essences, or Flower Remedies, were first developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920's and 30's. His Bach Flower Remedies are still the most popular and widely used Essence range in the world today.

Since then many other ranges of Flower Essences and Remedies have been developed that we source from all over the world.

We offer

  • Over 700 different Essence products from stock
  • Books, videos, cards and posters
  • Level of service and support that will amaze you
  • Detailed information on each Essence
  • Beautiful images of the essence source
  • Essence finder - repertory of keywords
  • Searchable database of Essence practitioners
  • Prescription service and practitioner discounts
  • Secure online shopping or telephone ordering
  • Practitioner support

What are Flower Essences?
Are they like flower Remedies?
Are they like essential oils?
Can I mix them?
How do I use them?
Can they help with physical problems?
More about Flower Essences

We have a personal relationship with the producers of all of these Essences which are all made with utmost integrity.
These are the ones that we use ourselves and have found to be effective and valuable, whether with clients in a natural health practice, at home, or in any other situation.

The Best In Flower Essences

As therapists ourselves we often observe amazing results using these remedies for all kinds of issues. Flower Essences are safe for people of any age as well as for animals.

You can use the menu on the left of every page to navigate quickly to any area of the site. If you have any difficulty please feel free to phone between 9.30am and 5.00pm on weekdays.

More about Flower Essences

If you are new to Flower Essences you may find it difficult to know where to start but different Flower Essence ranges often suit different people and different levels of healing. One approach would be to use our Flower Essence Finder feature. When you click on one of the keyword links you will see all the Flower Remedies that we have to help address that particular issue in all the Essence ranges that we offer.

By browsing the different Flower Remedies shown under that keyword you may be drawn particularly to one range of Essences. That is a good indicator of where to start.

Flower Remedies You'll Love

People who want to try a Flower Essence for the first time often start with an Australian Bush Flower Essence. These help to address issues that are most in the way in everyday life, even if their origins may be in the past.

The Bailey Flower Essences often suit people who want to work with issues from childhood that have restricted them living their life to the full.

The Alaskan Flower Essence Project includes Flower Essences and also Gem and Environmental Essences. These are often chosen by people who have been working with their issues for a while and now want to heal at a deeper level.

Bach Flower Remedies seem popular with those who are "past their first flush of youth". The language that Dr Bach used to describe each Flower Essence may seem a bit "last century" to some people but will resonate with people for whom these Essences are best suited.

Indigo Essences are made with gems and chrystals. These are wonderful for children and babies but can also be used for people who are working with their 'inner child' issues.

Wild Earth Animal Essences are deeply grounding and loved by people who feel a strong affinity with the animal kingdom. The 'Wild Child Essences' are for children who may need support for particular difficulties they are having through their early years.

LightBringer Essences are relatively new and support people who are open to some of the higher frequencies. They will probably be aware of deeper issues in their fields that they want to address. If this isn't a language you are familiar with they may not be for you.

We started making the Mediterranean Essences in 2002 and launched them in March 2013 at the BFVEA conference in Glastonbury. They are particularly helpful when we are required to step up and face new challenges in these times of change. The Mediterranean Essences help us to let go of outdated patterns of belief and behavior, open our hearts and shine our own light.

As you browse the site you will find all sorts of other things like the Astrological Essences made by Melissa Assilem. We hope you have fun exploring.

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