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Our passion, at Healthlines, for both the Mediterranean and for the world of Essences came together in 2002 and the Mediterranean Essence Project was born.

Flower, Environmental and Mineral Essences have been made all over the Mediterranean, from East to West and North to South and on the islands, scattered like jewels accross the middle. 

The Mediterranean is a rich and magical arena. Everywhere you turn there is the inspiration and influence of thousands of years of human exploration, expanding horizons, spiritual searching, creativity and innovation. There is the fascinating meeting of diverse cultures, religions and languages, and the joy, beauty and brightness of the colours, the sea, the sky, wonderful flora and fauna, land and seascapes. 

It’s like the most vibrant and alive painting. 

The energy of all of this pours into our Mediterranean Essences. 

And what can the Essences do? 

They can support us in letting go of our out-of-date stories and beliefs. 

They can guide and ground us through times of transition and transformation. 

They can help us reconnect with our inspiration and our dreams. 

They encourage us to have life be easier, whilst also staying focused on what’s important. 

And they invite us to step up, because that’s what we came here to do and now is the time. To step up, become empowered, speak our truth and to shine our lights for all to see. 

We offer them to you because Mediterranean Essences can profoundly contribute to our human journey in these powerful and exciting times.

Suggested usage - 6 drops from stock bottle to make dosage bottle

Suggested dosage - 6 drops from dosage bottle in a little water or under the tongue 2-3 times daily

You can see Angie presenting some of these Essences by following this link to the Youtube playlist.


El Ghriba Mediterranean Essence

Picture of El Ghriba  Mediterranean Essence
For breaking the mould, letting go of the story so that my own story can emerge from within me. 15ml stock bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Field Scabious Mediterranean Essence

Picture of Field  Scabious   Mediterranean Essence
Throat Chakra. Self Expression. Finding your voice. 15ml stock bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Ggantija Mediterranean Essence

Picture of Ggantija    Mediterranean Essence
For feeling held, safe, nurtured and supported by the Great Mother Goddess. 15ml stock bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Gateway Mediterranean Essence

Picture of Gateway    Mediterranean Essence
I am present and grounded during change and transition. I let go of the old and embrace the new. 15ml stock bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Iron Mediterranean Essence

Picture of Iron    Mediterranean Essence
Positive Yang energy. Feeling strong, courageous and in your power. 15ml stock bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Olive Mediterranean Essence

Picture of Olive   Mediterranean Essence
Renewal of energy. Connection with the inspiration and wisdom of the ancestors. 15ml stock bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Olympos Laurel Mediterranean Essence

Picture of Olympos Laurel   Mediterranean Essence
For healing our issues with failure, for embracing success and acknowledgement. 15ml stock bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Pomegranate Mediterranean Essence

Picture of Pomegranate   Mediterranean Essence
Healing and affirmation of all things feminine. Celebration of my body, my beauty, my womanhood. 15ml stock bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Sea Holly Mediterranean Essence

Picture of Sea Holly   Mediterranean Essence
For embracing both the detail and the bigger picture. Problem solving and logistics. 15ml stock bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Sea Squill Mediterranean Essence

Picture of Sea Squill   Mediterranean Essence
It's time now to step into your power, supported by your group of wise beings. 15ml stock bottle

£9.50 incl VAT