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The Alaskan Environmental Essences are unusual amongst vibrational essences. They are created in partnership with the devic and elemental beings that represent specific elemental qualities in the environment. The resulting essence is totally unique, as the vibrational qualities it contains can never be duplicated in exactly the same way.

How the Alaskan Environmental Essences Work
When taken internally, these essences stimulate and support change and transformation at the most basic level of the energy system. They are catalytic in their actions and are often indicated when a strong, cleansing energy is needed to awaken or bring vitality to someone who is not responding to other therapies or modalities. They also provide a strong base of support for our healing work with flower essences, lending energy and vitality to the healing processes catalyzed by the flowers

The Alaskan Environmental essences are very effective tools for Space Clearing. This process involves cleansing and releasing old energies from our living and working environments and then recharging and revitalizing these spaces with fresh, clean energy from nature. Space Clearing with environmental essences is an especially useful process for those living in crowded and polluted urban areas where the natural elemental forces have been weakened or dissipated all together.

Environmental essences can also be used to provide balance and stability for those involved in emergency situations such as natural disasters where the environment itself is in transition.

Click on the links below or browse the images to find out more about each essence.

Solstice Sun - Alaskan Environmental Essence

Picture of Solstice Sun - Alaskan Environmental Essence
Solstice Sun catalyzes our ability to access and circulate a stronger current of light energy throughout the physical body 7.5ml STOCK bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Stone Circle - Alaskan Environmental Essence

Picture of Stone Circle - Alaskan Environmental Essence
Stone Circle is especially helpful for those doing energy balancing work with people and spaces 7.5ml STOCK bottle

£9.50 incl VAT

Tidal Forces - Alaskan Environmental Essence

Picture of Tidal Forces - Alaskan Environmental Essence
Tidal Forces washes away mental resistance to change; helps us accept what is in the present moment. 7.5ml STOCK bottle

£9.50 incl VAT