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The Australian Bush Flower Essence Range

These are the 69 individual Essences of the Australian Bush Flower Essence range.
Each Flower Essence in the Bush Flower Essence range has it's own particular use and purpose, they can be taken individually or combined together. If, while you are looking through the Bush Essences, you feel that there are lots that might be helpful to you, we suggest that you focus on the issue that is uppermost at this time. Taking a single Essence can be very powerful but it's alright to choose several essences if they address your current issue. It's best not to try to fix everything at once though.
By following the links or images below you can find out more about each Bush Essence.


Picture of Bottlebrush
Negative Conditions overwhelmed by major life changes – old age, adolescence, parenthood, pregnancy, approaching death. ******** Positive Outcome serenity and calm ability to cope and move on

£10.95 incl VAT

Bush Fuchsia

Picture of Bush Fuchsia
Negative Conditions switched off nervousness about public speaking ignoring gut feelings ******* Positive Outcome courage to speak out clarity in touch with intuition integration of information integration of male and female aspects

£10.95 incl VAT

Bush Gardenia

Picture of Bush Gardenia
Negative Condition stale relationships self interests unaware ******** Positive Outcome passion renews interest in partner improves communication

£10.95 incl VAT

Bush Iris

Picture of Bush Iris
Negative Condition fear of death materialism atheism physical excess avarice ******** Positive Outcome awakening of spirituality acceptance of death as a transition state clearing blocks in the base chakra and trust centre

£10.95 incl VAT

Christmas Bell

Picture of Christmas Bell
Negative Condition: • lack of abundance • sense of lack • poor stewardship of one's possessions Positive Outcome: • helps one to manifest their desired outcome • assists one with mastery of the physical plane

£10.95 incl VAT


Picture of Crowea
Negative Condition continual worrying a sense of being ‘not quite right’ ******** Positive Outcome peace and calm balances and centres the individual clarity of ones feelings

£10.95 incl VAT

Dagger Hakea

Picture of Dagger Hakea
Negative Condition resentment bitterness towards close family, friends, lovers ******** Positive Outcome forgiveness open expression of feelings

£10.95 incl VAT

Dog Rose

Picture of Dog Rose
Negative Condition fearful shy insecure apprehensive with other people niggling fears ******** Positive Outcome confidence belief in self courage ability to embrace life more fully

£10.95 incl VAT

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces

Picture of Dog Rose of the Wild Forces
Negative Condition: • fear of losing control • hysteria • pain with no apparent cause ******************* Positive Outcome: • calm and centred in times of inner and outer turmoil • emotional balance

£10.95 incl VAT

Five Corners

Picture of Five Corners
Negative Condition low self esteem dislike of self crushed, held in personality clothing drab and colourless ******** Positive Outcome love and acceptance of self celebration of own beauty joyousness

£10.95 incl VAT

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