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                                            Bach Flower Essence Books

Dr Edward Bach was the originator of what we now know of as Flower remedies and there are probably more books about his Essences than about any other. Here are a few that we feel give good, clear information and may be helpful to the serious student or casual reader.

A Guide to the Bach Flower Remedies

Picture of A Guide to the Bach Flower Remedies
A consice and compact guide to the Bach remedies and how to use them. Paperback: 52 pages

£4.99 incl VAT

Bach Flower Cards

Picture of Bach Flower Cards
Set of 40 beautiful picture cards of the Bach Flowers

£12.50 incl VAT

Bach Flower Essences & The Patterning of Water

Picture of Bach Flower Essences & The Patterning of Water
"In the process of preparing a Bach flower essence … information is written into the water and retained there as a passive force field” Paperback - 68 pages.

£9.95 incl VAT

Form & Function - Julian Barnard

Picture of Form & Function - Julian Barnard
An in depth exploration of Dr Bach and his work by one of the worlds greatest Bach experts. Paperback: 350 pages

£12.50 incl VAT