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Forget-Me-Not Alaskan Flower Essence

Forget-Me-Not - Myosotis alpestris facilitates the release of fear, guilt, and pain held in the subconscious 7.5ml STOCK bottle
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Indications: feeling separate; difficulty connecting to the spiritual dimension; deeper connections with others blocked by subconscious fears; feeling guilty about past actions.
Healing Qualities: facilitates the release of fear, guilt, and pain held in the subconscious; enables us to regain respect and compassion for ourselves and for others.

7.5ml STOCK bottle

Current rating is 4.50. Total votes 2.

£9.50 incl VAT
Product reviews
My ally flower
I adore this essence and it's one i go to for comfort in times of need, the alaskan one in particular.

I have a very close connection to this flower so i make sure i alway have her close by. She brings joy when sometimes you feel there is no hope.

From: indra Singh | Created on: 15/04/2015 16:09

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