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Augustine Volcano - Alaskan Research Environmental

Augustine Volcano helps us release pent up energy and unexpressed emotion in a positive way. 7.5ml STOCK bottle
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This essence was made on the southern Kenai Peninsula in south-central Alaska over a four-day period during several eruptions of the Mt. Augustine volcano. The beginning of the preparation coincided with the beginning of the visible plume of ash/steam rising from the volcano. Mt. Augustine is an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. It embodies the ancient prehistory and primeval nature of the planet and brings it forward to the present. The eruption is a blending of elements at the most basic level: water and molten rock transforming into ash, lava, and steam. The Augustine Volcano essence helps us release pent up energy and unexpressed emotion in a positive way. It can help us get in touch with what is unresolved inside of us, and then connect with the energy and rhythm to gracefully express this out into our world. The main lesson this essence has to teach us is that it is important to begin to view intense cataclysmic events, such as the eruption of a volcano, as benevolent instruments for positive change. The earth has and will continue to make these strong internal adjustments. If we are able to perceive them in the right way, it will not only make it easier to live through them, but we will also be able to use the amazingly powerful energy that is contained within them to support deep, intense, and positive changes within ourselves.

7.5ml STOCK bottle

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