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Bog - Alaskan Research Environmental

Bog Essence is about potential and for the ability to hold potential for new creation. 7.5ml STOCK bottle
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This essence was made in the Stepstone Bog near Kachemak Bay in southcentral Alaska. Bogs are semi-swampy habitats that harbor a rich diversity of plant and insect life. They hold the fresh new energy of potential and are alive with an abundance of elemental energies. On a vibrational level, bogs are special containers for the heart energy of the planet. They also represent freedom, joy, and adventure-the freedom of wilderness, wildness, and wide open spaces. Their healing gift to the human kingdom is to help us prepare and expand the spaces we hold for new experience, to help us learn what is it like to live with an open heart and a spacious mind. The Bog Essence represents a place of special connection with the Earth Mother. The earth is pregnant with wisdom, potential, fresh energy, and new beginnings, all held in an enormous heart space. This essence is about potential-not only the realization of potential, but also for the ability to hold potential for new creation. It can be used to support any creative act, but it is especially applicable for women, to help them hold the feminine heart space as a chalice for creating new life, and as a source of nurturing energy for their families.

7.5ml STOCK bottle

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