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Elephant Calf - Wild Child Essence

Nurtures the experience of physical and emotional safety, deep grounding, being protected and looked after by a wider family of support.
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Especially beneficial for Children:
· who don't feel physically or emotionally safe.
· who are going through periods where the child feels scared or anxious.
· who live in families that lack a strong sense of togetherness.
· who need to feel support and protection from a wider human family of support and caring.

Especially beneficial for Adults:
· who want to experience feelings of support from a wider community.
· who grew up in a family systems in which they felt unsafe.
· who did not feel supported and protected by the adults around them.
· who grew up in families that lacked a strong feeling of togetherness.
· who want to deepen family bonds between family members (good for family members to take together).

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Picture of 30ml stock bottle
30ml stock bottle
A 'stock' bottle (with the WHITE cap) is a concentrate which can be diluted for everyday use.

The normal dilution for the Animal Essences is 5 - 7 drops from stock, into a 30ml dropper bottle to make up a dosage strength bottle. You would normally take 5 - 7 drops, 3 - 4 times daily from the dosage bottle, so this 30ml bottle will last a long time.

£11.95 incl VAT
Picture of 30ml dosage bottle
30ml dosage bottle
This 30ml dosage bottle (with the BLACK cap) is ready to take.

The normal dosage for the Animal Essences is 5 - 7 drops, 3 - 4 times daily but this can be varied according to need. Taken at the normal rate, this 30ml dosage bottle will normally last about 3 weeks.

£9.95 incl VAT
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