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Ggantija Mediterranean Essence

For feeling held, safe, nurtured and supported by the Great Mother Goddess. 15ml stock bottle
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Ggantija Temple, Xaghra, Gozo
Great Mother Goddess Energy    I nourish and I am nourished
Fertility   Fecundity   Abundance    Nourishment    Grounding

This Essence creates a sacred space in which we can feel cherished and safe, as we were in the womb, held by the great mother, warm and protected. In this place all our needs are met, we are nurtured and nourished. For all issues to do with healing the mother relationship -  as we heal we are more willing and able to receive the gifts of a loving mother. Connecting with womb energy, the source of creation, nourishment and abundance. Supports conception, pregnancy and birth.
This Essence is for those who feel unsafe on the earth, who feel ungrounded or not in their body, who do not feel nourished by being here. 
Ggantija is a great earth Essence -  taking this Essence is like lying on the warm, sun-kissed earth and feeling held and supported by life. It is for feeling our feet on the ground and connecting down into our bodies.
For accessing the limitless abundance, goodness, nourishment and warm embrace of Mother Earth.

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Product reviews
" A warming , nurturing powerful blend "
I have been taking the Ggantija essence for two weeks now and it is bringing up many insights and guidance in my dreams , releasing past blocks in my life . I feel nourished , safe and feel a better connection to my feminine side and honouring and loving and accepting myself more . It has made me realise to put ourselves first and honor our own needs and trust our intuition about people and situations . It has opened me to a better connection to gratitude and to be happy with what I have in my life and to stop searching outside of myself to make me happy . I have cleared ancestral blocks with this essence . It is a lovely essence, the feel of the sea and it's sereneness and flow and expansiveness is beginning to unfold. I am guided to go with the flow of life and be fluid. This is a powerful essence and I have enjoyed taking it and see what else is to unfold. Thank you for creating this essence healthlines 😁

From: Jayne flintoff | Created on: 24/01/2016 13:54

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